Praise and question

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Praise and question

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First of all, i will say that i've been following your video updates since the beginning and absolutely admire you in many ways. You're doing everything the way it has to be done, no cutting corners or anything, that's absolutely incredible. Really nice top notch quality work. I do everything on my own as well, but not to the extent that you are doing it on your Z. Kudos my friend. :)

I've always dreamed of owning a Z and rebuilding it and you can make sure that I will come back to your videos when i do. ;)

One question that i have is: how did you figure out how to line up the custom rear subframe properly? Did you have to do some geometry calculations or was it pretty intuitive?

EDIT: Oh nevermind about the question, i just found out my explanation was in "mull@hugo19.wmv" or "mull@huddingekustoms_part2_720p.wmv". Haha! Sorry about that, totally forgot about it. I had the video on my computer but it's been a while. :P

Oh yes, also, what kind of caulking/sealant did you use in video #15 for sealing your floor boards and all? Is it some special type of body sealant?
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