The Story of Project Hugo

Description of the project and general chit-chat concerning it...

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The Story of Project Hugo

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Late september 2004, I was lurking about on eBay, on the lookout for a
decent 240z. I had decided the wait was over - I needed to get myself
a Z! Said and done - one was found, one "no rust". Great!

Deposit was paid, and the auction settled outside of eBay - risky, I know.
Anyway, it worked out, and in november, I picked up my very own 240z.

Once I got it home - I started tearing it down. Stripping it came to be bit
of a sad moment, as lots - and I mean shitloads - of rust was uncovered!
Boo-hoo! Indeed. Ah, f*ck it. It's a project car - meant to cost immense
amounts of labor! Yeah, I was in for a treat :)

Once stripped of everything (literally), I started dismounting the body
panels, hood, etc and hauled piece by piece over to a company called
Allblästring ( ). It's their logo that's smeared
all over some of the update pictures :smt101

Now, with heaps of rust on the car - I'm not exactly keen on a deja vú...
So, there POR-15 has agreed to sponsor me with some products to help
keep my baby free from rust once the build has gone as far as paint.
Thanks goes out to - if you're in Sweden, check it!
If you're in the US - go to and have a peek.

Since the plan is to make this car/project stand out - it's going to feature
a lot of carbon fiber. With the help of Swedish Composite Engineering in
Norrköping, Sweden (duuh?) [ ] the mold-making and
carbon producing will start once the car's painted. Still a couple of months
to go on this... But, the idea is to make the following parts from carbon:
• Hood
• Cowl plate
• Front fenders
• Doors
• Dash
• Center console
• Rear hatch
• Tail light panels

Not sure yet wether the head light housing will be carbon as well. So. Yeah.
It'll save some weight and add appearance :)

The rust will also be fixed with the help of SCE and a tinsmith. This part
is where I'm at (currently writing). I'm waiting to transport the car down
to Norrköping.

Plans are to fit the car with a 10 point (or more) full roll cage once the car
has been inspected by the Swedish "DMV" (called Bilprovningen). Installing
a fuel cell is also scribbled on the "to do" list... As is new wish bones made
by SCE from Chrome moly. The engine will be a Nissan RB26DETT. No
plans - other than about 400-500 hp has been thought of. Maybe a single
turbo conversion? Dunno - time will tell. The project will also feature a full
set of coilovers and 18" rims, tinted windows, etc etc... The bar is set, high!

Here are some pics to entertain you...