Mull, your work is so good its contaigous!

Description of the project and general chit-chat concerning it...

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Mull, your work is so good its contaigous!

Post by XFDDave »

I started watching your project videos last year and was in awe of how kickass your work was turning out. With my car having a poor paintjob from when I bought it, to having shrapnel hit my bumper on the way to work and then getting rearended by a little old lady, I decided to copy you (sort of!)

I did a teardown on my 240SX, fixed a bunch of dings, dents and more.

Keep it up! I can't wait to see this finished!

When all is finished, will you have a DVD or something we can buy?
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Post by mull »

Sorry, no DVD planned since I use commercial songs in the videos. Don't
want to take any chances getting nailed by RIAA or anything... :smt001

Glad you enjoy the car/project - I liked what you did to yours! Keep it up!

Cheers! =)
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