Many, many questions

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Many, many questions

Post by bolind »

Hi Mull

First I wanted to say that this is about the coolest project I have ever seen. The way you treat Hugo and the camera is just amazing! When is the next installment out? I can't be the only one with withdrawals... :)

Anyway, your project has really, really started an itch. I want a 240Z. I want one badly.

Now I have a few questions, that I hope you'd answer. I know you want to keep to yourself what the price of this whole endavour is, but theres still a few things I'd like to know:

1) How did you get Hugo shipped from the US to Sweden? How much was it (the shipping), and what was the shipping time?

2) Is there anything in the buying process that you wish you'd done differently (of course outside of settling off of eBay)?

3) Are you going to go with stock brakes, or are you going to upgrade?

4) Why not the fuel cell? I notice it is up for sale...

5) Could you please convince your government to invade Denmark, and give us awesome cheap cars and relaxed modification laws? I have to go get my car re-inspected if I as much as change the smell of the wunderbaum hanging from my rearview mirror...

Edit: 6) Are most everything on a 240Z metric, or is there headache-inducing nuts and bolts and thread in inches?

Thanks in advance
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Post by mull »

1) I used - they have an online import calculator that got me the figure I paid in the end. Try it ; )

2) Not really, no ... : )

3) Upgrade, absolutely. Either MovIT, Brembo, HiSpec, StopTech or something like that. Fairly big discs and 4-6 pot brakes at the least.

4) I want a custom made aluminium fuel cell instead. Also I want a fuel level sender as well - in order to hook it up with a gauge.

5) Umm... No? : D

6) Some are imperial, some metric - at least that's the story of my Z %-)
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