About Downloading from here!

Car shows, drag racing, street racing, Showcases, etc...

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About Downloading from here!

Post by mull »

So, you want to see some cars, racing (yadda yadda yadda) eh?

Not so fast. The server isn't...

You see, Racemovie.mine.nu, is run to be free - by a normal person like
me and you. Well, maybe more like you, on second thought. Therefore
the downloads have to be controlled a bit - to prevent excessive leeching.

So - every once in a while, you have to wait for a spot to start downloading.

There's nothing wrong with your computer - don't try adjusting it ;)

Just have patience. And feel free to post mirror links here and I'll be sure
to post it in the right thread(s).

Thank you!
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